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Say goodbye budget-busting agencies and cheap site builders. Get full agency quality services with unrivaled speed and price.

Unmatched Speed

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Our no-fluff process and AI-enabled capabilities make things a lot easier and faster than anything you've ever experienced.

Unbeatable Price

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Our service plans are designed to deliver unmatched business value at an unbeatable price that the industry simply can't match.

Unparalleled Quality

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Our team of industry veterans leverages innovative technology to deliver standout agency quality websites.

“ With Galapa, you can now go from idea to “go live” in a matter of weeks. Finally, a digital partner that runs at my pace without compromising on the quality of the work nor breaking the bank. ”

Étienne Mérineau

Co-founder of Heyday AI


How we do it

Digital Domination Playbook

Whether you're starting up or scaling up, your website is more than just a digital space. Make it a business force and yield results.

Tailor Your Needs

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From the first step in our collaboration, we're committed to unlocking the digital potential of your business. Our approach is not just personalized; it's a strategic alignment with your vision, driven by the ambition to make digital advancements accessible to all.

  • Focused Digital Needs Assessment: Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your specific digital requirements. We prioritize a practical and efficient approach to understand and execute your business vision effectively.
  • Strategic Digital Design: We build your online presence with precision and purpose. Each element is crafted to support growth, user engagement, and solidify your market position.
  • Practical Design Frameworks: Our wireframes serve as a fundamental blueprint for your digital strategy. They are designed to provide a clear path forward for your business, ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Purposeful Visual Design

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In this phase, we translate strategic insights into actionable visual designs. Our focus is on clarity, functionality, and impact, ensuring that every design element serves a specific business purpose.

  • Design for Impact: Our design process is rooted in practicality and effectiveness. We create digital interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly.
  • Targeted Visual Solutions: Our design philosophy centers around elevating your brand's visual appeal while maintaining a focus on your business objectives. We ensure that your brand stands out in a crowded digital space.
  • Interactive Design for Engagement: Our designs are crafted to enhance user experience and engagement. We focus on creating intuitive and interactive interfaces that facilitate user interaction and build brand loyalty.

Digital Mastery Unleashed

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In this climactic phase, we turn visionary designs into digital realities. With each feature and animation, your website becomes a testament to what small businesses can achieve with the right digital tools.

  • Integration with Intent: We infuse your site with dynamic features and animations, each crafted for impact and ease of use, embodying the essence of intrepid innovation.
  • SEO and Compliance Core: We lay the groundwork for your digital footprint, ensuring visibility and compliance, propelling you into the digital forefront with unmatched speed and quality.
  • Launch into Leadership: More than a launch, this is your declaration of digital independence, marking your brand's bold entry into the digital domain.


What we deliver

We set you up for success

Your success story begins here. Merging seamless functionality with captivating design, we catapult your brand into the digital limelight.


Don't break your bank

Fair and transparent pricing

Straight-up, flexible pricing for enterprises and startups alike. Select a plan that matches your needs.

One page to rule them all.
$4 000
Tailored for new ventures, emphasizing a strong foundation. A foundational package for new businesses, offering:
Comprehensive creation of site architecture and wireframes.
Includes Customized Design with Mobile Responsiveness
Basic SEO optimization
Expert Industry Guidance to ensure best practices are met.
Up to 4 pages.
$5 000
For businesses aiming to expand, featuring everything in the Startup Plan, plus:
Professional SEO optimized copywriting with Ai technologies
Extended Brand Customization.
Advanced Functionality and Analytics.
Newsletter subscription feature
Up to 7 pages. 
$6 000
Ideal for businesses ready to scale, building on the Core Plan's offerings: 
CMS Features for Dynamic Content
- CMS for dynamic content
- Portfolio Section
- Blog Section
- Career Section
Portfolio Features Section
- CMS for dynamic content
- Portfolio Section
- Blog Section
- Career Section
Blog Features Section
- CMS for dynamic content
- Portfolio Section
- Blog Section
- Career Section
Career features section
- CMS for dynamic content
- Portfolio Section
- Blog Section
- Career Section
Custom Solutions,
Custom Pricing
For businesses that require a custom solution, we offer unlimited a wide range of possibilities with custom page counts, specialized functionalities, and tailored support. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Most frequently asked questions

Questions you might ask

We've harnessed cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies alongside the unparalleled expertise of our industry professionals to revolutionize website creation. This unique synergy doesn't replace human labor; it enhances it, boosting our efficiency wherever possible. By optimizing these processes, we've significantly reduced production costs. We've decided to pass these savings onto our clients, allowing businesses to access high-quality websites at more affordable prices. Our approach ensures that every project benefits from the technical precision of AI while being imbued with human creativity and expertise, delivering unprecedented value and quality.

Our project validation undergoes a rigorous review by seasoned industry veterans. They ensure your project adheres to industry standards and best practices, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Yes, all our plans come with Basic SEO Optimization. While we currently do not offer an Advanced SEO Package, we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching a continuous SEO optimization service. Stay tuned for more details or reach out to us to learn more about this upcoming service and how it can benefit your business.

Our design process is audaciously crafted to align with your business goals. We begin with an exhaustive needs assessment to fully understand your requirements before starting the project. Following this, we create a strategic sitemap and wireframes, then bring your vision to life with customized design and industry validation. This meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the project is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Yes, we are committed to ensuring your website complies with Canadian laws and other local regulations. All our plans include access to legal compliance tools and cookie consent features, ensuring your website adheres to legal requirements. However, it's important to note that these features are available only when you subscribe to Galapa’s yearly hosting service. This integration is part of our dedication to providing a comprehensive service that not only meets your design and functionality needs but also aligns with legal standards, offering you peace of mind and seamless compliance across all aspects of your website.

Absolutely! We're not just problem solvers; we're your partners in innovation, ready to accommodate your unique needs. Our offerings include E-commerce Integration, Advanced SEO Packages, and much more, but that's just the beginning. We also provide customizable plans that exceed the confines of our standard three plans, featuring options like tailored digital strategy consulting. This service is designed to elevate your website and strategize its growth over the medium to long term. It's important to note that the possibilities are vast and not limited to the mentioned examples. Whether you need specific add-ons or a fully customized solution, we’re equipped to assist. Contact us to explore your requirements and learn how we can help in expanding your business's digital footprint and achieving your goals.

The timeline varies based on the complexity of your project and the plan you choose. Typically, for the Startup Plan, expect completion within 3-4 weeks, while the Growth Plan may take 4-6 weeks. It's important to note that these timelines also depend on how quickly you, the client, can review and approve each stage of the project. Prompt responses and approvals can significantly streamline the process, while delays in feedback may extend the timeline.

Absolutely! All our plans include the functionality to edit the content of existing pages, making it easy for you to keep your website up to date. Additionally, our Growth Plan goes a step further by offering features that enable you to independently manage dynamic content sections such as blogs, portfolios, and careers, providing even greater flexibility and control over your website's content.

For those who prefer not to handle updates themselves, we offer ongoing Maintenance and Support services. You can choose to pre-purchase hours at a preferential rate through our bank of hours system or opt for à la carte services, depending on your needs. This ensures that you have the flexibility to maintain and optimize your website in a way that best suits your business.

Once the final version of your website is approved, you have the opportunity to enroll in our annual Hosting Plan. This plan is designed to ensure your website not only remains secure and up-to-date but also continues to perform optimally, aligning with your evolving business needs. Our comprehensive annual Hosting Plan includes:

  • Website hosting with Webflow
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN for enhanced content delivery
  • Fastly integration to improve performance and speed
  • SSL certificate for website security
  • Unlimited automatic backup copies
  • Management of cookie scripts and consent banners
  • Creation of privacy policy and cookie management pages

Alternatively, if you prefer to manage your hosting, you can choose to host with Webflow directly. In this scenario, you would need to integrate a cookie management solution yourself, and we would no longer have access to your website for support purposes.

To initiate your project with us, simply reach out through our contact page or send us an email. Following your initial inquiry, we will follow up with an email containing a brief form for you to fill out. This form is designed to help us understand your needs better and ensure that we identify the plan that best suits your current and future requirements. Following this, we'll send you an official proposal tailored to those needs.

By streamlining this initial step, we aim to make the process efficient and tailored to your specific needs, setting the foundation for a successful partnership.